Andy1075 banned?

I was on classic and talking with andy1075 on classic I used /whois andy1075 and i saw THIS

uhhhh… im sure if something happend, we would have been notified by Andy by now… but im as curious as you are as to why he was ‘Banned’

When I get the chance, I will look at my old computer and search the mIRC logs that log the Classic Server, there’s a high chance that I may find the banner/ reason why he was banned.

doesn’t it say he was banned by hard? I apologize if I’m wrong.

It sounds to me that Hard may have banned him long enough ago to not remember what the cause was. If the cause was minor, then its very likely an unban will be done.

I am just curious as to what caused the ban. I mean, I can look it up too, but Hard will likely have a better explanation. If you think I should look it up anyway, let me know. I may respond faster than Hard which will make the process faster.

Wait, Hard you didn’t get an error with:
You cannot ban this player?

When I tried on other servers (long ago) to ban an op it said:
You cannot ban this player.
How is this possible actually?

I was a higher rank

It says ‘was banned’ and that his current rank is op, I assume that he was banned previously for something and was later unbanned for another reason?

No, if he was the “banned” thing was removed, I checked that multiple times on unbanneed players

Well, it seems this topic no longer matters. I just checked on my server for Andy’s ban status and it seems it no longer says banned.

I honestly think the result you (ocram) got was a mistake. The fact that the server still said he was Operator means that he was not banned. He would have been “The damned one” if he were. Any time someone is banned and unbanned, all record of the ban itself is erased. The pic you posted should have been impossible.

Short version: The server lied to you.

[10:07:28 PM] Da_Hunter Andy1075 has :
[10:07:28 PM] > > the rank of operator
[10:07:28 PM] > > died 1894 times
[10:07:28 PM] > > modified 8151736 blocks.
[10:07:28 PM] > > was last seen on 10/29/2012 11:36:18 AM
[10:07:28 PM] > > time spent on server: 7 Days, 15 Hours, 2 Minutes, 36 Seconds.
[10:07:28 PM] > > first logged into the server on 4/1/2012 7:21:39 AM
[10:07:28 PM] > > logged in 506 times, 37 of which ended in a kick.
[10:07:28 PM] > > 0/1 (0) awards
[10:07:28 PM] > > the IP of (redacted)


We would like to warn users; if the server promises you cake, then please disconnect and get in contact with a op to warn them about it, as the cake is a lie.

lmfao on this. ok well good to know its been resolved.

Like I said, I’m sure if Andy was banned, he would have notified us on the forum.


Kyle: Yep!