Android stuffs

Soooo… I got my phone. Now, what to do with it.

I was wondering if doing this was a good idea. I am sure I have the right model for it.

I got a QR scanner and file manager. Moving some media on my flash for fun later. All I really wanted was a shortcut to those folders on my flash, but alas, it ain’t so simple.

Any apps or games I should get? Suggestions?

mango for manga reading on ur phone =D
and commander Pixman made by noodlecake.
funny old style game. and not a lot space is needed for it.

Make sure to update to 4.4.4 if you haven’t already. If you’re in to photography and want to be heard, Instagram is actually a great way to do so. Most people think of it as a “popular teenage girl” app, but many people, including me, use it for photography purposes! Another cool app to play around with is Google Goggles. It’s kinda like the Firefly app on the Amazon Fire Phone and you can take a picture of practically anything and it will Google it and show or define it for you! It can actually be useful sometimes too, but I generally use it for fun :smiley:

Have fun with your phone!


shhh dont share

Yomi, I am loving Mango. I had so much trouble finding it on the offical google play site. In fact, I could not find it. I just got it from their website.

Pixman is okay… It does play well. It’s just not what I was looking for. Too retro I guess?

Sip, what in the world have you given me? I dled it, but have not tried it yet. Will tonight though. Is it gonna tell you my location and other personal stuffs? You crazy dev you.

Edit: Sip, this is so cool. I actually own the real thing, and this is every bit it. GOD I wish I had this years ago when I needed it. (Is this licensed or something? Why no share?)

It used to be on the Play Store in this form, but now it requires you to find the ROM (well take it from a real TI83). I have this copy because it’s so convenient, though I’m sure TI isn’t too happy about it

I know that WabbitEmu ( for Android doesn’t require a ROM (they say that they can create one with “open source” methods, though I’m not so sure…)