And7rey - 14th of March, 2015


Minecraft Username And7rey

Date of Ban 14th of March, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I don\

Reason for Ban Well, why I got banned? Well here is the answer: I said on the server ‘Sometimes I feel like I want to destroy the server’, this was obviously a joke but some of the 13 year old staff of the server called it a threat. Then I got kicked, I asked which ‘dumbfuck’ kicked me, which was my reaction for kicking me without reason, and then I’ve been kicked for being disrespectful. Excuse me!? Who kicked me 2 minutes ago for no reason?! If you want respect, you have to give respect, and I’m not going to worship you because you’re staff, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be disrespectful all the time, if I’m disrespectful, then I probably have a reason for it. Then I got kicked 3 more times at random moments and then got kicked when asking: ‘Should I call staff ‘God’?’, because I think that’s what you want from me. And no, I didn’t start this, YOU DID! Then some 10 year old mods removed my plot and wrote some shit there and unbanned me and probably waited for me to join and see their artwork, and then banning me again, this shows that most of your admins and mods are immature idiots.

Reason to be Unbanned ^^^

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
14th of March, 2015

28th of February, 2015

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The decision has been made.

Don’t appeal again.