And7rey - 14th of March, 2015


Minecraft Username And7rey

Date of Ban 14th of March, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I don’t know

Reason for Ban Because I asked: "Should I call staff ‘God’ here?"

Reason to be Unbanned Because stuff

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
28th of February, 2015

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Banned by madant, you were banned for asshattery.

You constantly bugged staff and became really annoying as well as threatening us at some points, i wouldn’t unban but its down to madant…

Plus your reason is shit and you were banned for similar offences before…

Sorry, too many chances

Guys that is a bit immature but he should stay banned.

twice he has been banned now the first time I banned him temp and said if he started annoying the staff or griefing then would be a perma ban. He started again, Madant stuck it for some time then took the right course of action and banned him.

Yeah plus he had 3 strikes/warnings.

Also stop trying to join the server. Your staying banned, that is final.

No need to be dicks about it…


Just to let you guys now, @And7rey is back on the server! Somehow he got unbanned.
I did not ban him again, and i explain to him that (has he didn’t grief, and his ban is only for being annoying) i would let him stay on the server although i would notify the other staff members about this and the decision remain in the person who originally banned him (madant79 i believe)!

He seems to be better now, at least he is not being annoying! @madant79 should we ban him again?