And the Winner is....


Congratulations to the first place winner of the PCB Wiki Contest!
Check out Furt’s page here, and the AMAZING video that goes along with it!

Second place goes to A_Good_Shrimp for his page on Camarion! Great lore, and awesome architectural diagrams!

And finally, third place goes to Vir_Caeli for Deneira! Beautiful flags on this one, and nice cultural explanations!

Thank you to ALL of our participants for, well, participating! Considering we asked you to write about fictional Minecraft cities over your summer break, I’d say it was a pretty good turnout. Forum badges will be given to those who placed, and, as promised, the first place winner gets a whole wiki page just about them and their super wiki skills.

Be on the lookout for more contests soon! :wink:


:tada: Congrats to Furten and the second and third place holders and thank you to all who participated! Thank you to @MrMuffinFish for organising a successful event! :tada:


@FurtenFur Congratulations Furty!!! :smiley:

@FurtenFur @A_Good_Shrimp congrats to both, your pages were amazing. At least three levels above as my page.

Badges have been awarded! You can find them on your profile.

Ooooo badges cool!