An introduction

Hello, I’m underthing on the server and to one third of my friends, but I also go by Discflame to another third, and by my actual name to the last third.

I haven’t played Minecraft in probably a year and a half until somebody brought up playing it a few days ago.

In my free time, I make music of the electronic variety. I think the songs I make are alright, personally.

Some minor things about me: my favorite food is the closest food, favorite electronic musician is Madeon, favorite other musician is probably David Bowie, I know most of the timeline for the entire Star Trek universe by heart, and I want to go to college to get a job to just look at space for a while.

So, yeah. Hi.

Madeon? oh shit waddup
I haven’t heard a lot of his stuff, but it’s pretty good
Nice to meet you!

Welcome to PCB anything you need to know please feel free to ask

We’re friends already. I’m Joe nice to meet you. (You can probably tell by my pfp that I’m a little
More than a slight Bowie Fan)

VVelcome to our seetlement!

Welcome to PCB!

We are going to get along just fine xD

@jmvvana and I are huge fans of David Bowie but as you can see I’m slightly obsessed with Freddie Mercury

Make room for three, Zwinky. I <3 David Bowie! My favorite song would have to be Bohemian Rhapsody, but my second is Ashes to Ashes. We’re already creating a lovely triangle (likely a square).

Welcome! Maybe one day you can share your songs with the community!

Whoooooooooop welcome to the gang m8

Welcome to PCB! =D