An Idea

Well. I have Two Servers Now!! But I want to go on both of these. This one and the other one… Then it hit me! we could Form An Alliance! its an idea tho. What if we made the servers Connect! with a server portal! Don’t know if its possible but it could work. The servers are like the same. And I’m pretty sure _andy that you would get along with Jesper just fine, you guys are like the same. And the rules are the same too! here’s the link to the website!
I will also post one of these messages on the other website too.
Here’s to being the first Minecraft servers with an alliance!
if this works this will be awesome

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yes with plugins you can make a portal that links to another server, although often this is on the same domain, not sure if it will work over 2 domains but it sounds like a good idea =D, shame i wont be able to join in on this beta fun =[
just another idea to be put out, but there is a way to make it so a server can be connected to by anyone, premium or not, requires the authorization of the accounts to go through a proxy database (also know as mineshafter) that deals with the accounts, this way a server can be open to those who have purchased the game as well as the unlucky few who are keen to play but do not have the funding or ability to be able to, it is simple to set up and will allow access to all, if there are any worries of ‘fraud accounts’ then there is a simple plugin to allow each account a password on the domain server, making it impossible for anyone apart from the true owner of the user name to play the game. i have had success in setting it up but have no intention in implementing it due to my… dire connection issues, so i know it can be done.

i will understand if this is regarded as complicated, waste of time or even frown upon, but its worth a shot mentioning as im sure all people without the brought game will greatly appreciate it =]

i just looked at the site of the friendly it looks like it’s only for alpha:(

Hey guys. While I am not opposed to the idea of a merger, I think we should get to know the other group a little first. This may be worthwhile.

Fatso, I finally found your server! I was using a search function to look for “citybuild” as one word. I found it by looking for “project”. Arg, I wonder how many times it was up and I did not know!