AMD RX 480 + Shaders

Out of curiosity, does anyone here have an AMD RX 480?

If so, have you been able to run SEUS shaders (version 11) at a reasonable framerate?

Long story short: I’ve seen people claiming 30-60 FPS with the RX 480 and similar, if not slightly lower specs than my computer:
CPU: AMD FX-8350 (no OC)
GPU: XFX RX 480 8GB (no OC)
Memory: 16 GB (3 GB allocated to Minecraft)
PSU: 650 Watt NZXT Hale

However I seem to only really be able to get 10-25 FPS, no matter what Optifine, view distance, or shader settings I alter (shaders on highest and lowest settings have identical framerates). I’m partially guessing it’s a driver issue, as SEUS shaders are optimized for Nvidia, with maybe older drivers working better?

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Try reducing the the amount of RAM you have allocated to Minecraft. Anything over 2Gb is probably not helping anyway. I run Minecraft with the standard 1024MB allocated and I get 1050FPS without shaders and over 85FPS with Ultra SEUS shaders and pretty much all settings maxed out (I have a GTX1060 3GBOC) - Just a thought.

If that doesn’t work there must be something else affecting your performance. What settings are you running? What version of SEUS shaders (Lite, Standard, Ultra etc)? Try updating all your drivers and bios version to the latest especially if your Mobo is a little bit older as it may not play nice with the RX480 if it hasn’t been updated.

Sadly, I’ve just now tried decreasing allocated RAM, Updating my BIOS, and updating my drivers. And none of them have made any sort of impact.

I’m using SEUS version 11, which only comes as a single file and not ultra or lite versions.

Thanks for the help, but at this point, I just think its because SEUS hates AMD. As the card can handle Skyrim ENBs and GTA V without problem. So I’ll probably just try and find a different shaderpack unless someone has gotten SEUS 11 to work on this card.