Am back aye or die lassies

Half of you know who I am, the other half of you don’t.
Quick run down my name is Rebzy/vaio I’ve been gone for maybe a year(+) with a few wee visits here and there, I moved out of India 2016 to Scotland, I jumped from 9th grade straight to 12th so I’ve been needing to catch up on my school work, I’ve applied to universities and colleges n that I’ve just been super busy in general with life n stuff. (this is the worst my sentence structure has ever been i apologise)

anyways am back, my activity might drop in May because i’m taking my AS level exams, but other than that I’m golden whaddup homies xo

Wb! :smiley:

Thou hast returned!
Mark regaled us with the tale of the pens and the hair
I am impressed lol
Welcome back!

p.s. Survival or creative?



I choose the or die part.

Welcome back Vaio lol.

@PrinceMark u did fuckin WHAT


nae clue idk her

Welcome back, Rebzy. I hope you ace your exams in May. Also, I’m currently a Junior in high school.

Welcome back! I look forward to meeting you! <3


wb boi, may the providence arrange our meeting one of these days

Welcome back!!!

Babe <3 <3 <3 <3

indirian intranet tower 3.0

Missed u :^) <43

Windows everywhere beware,
For vaio does not care,
She will smash them all to pieces,
Voiding all your leases,
Falling decked in gold and fur,

Wb <3

Weba Rebzy :smiley:

we’ve met before what is this

do you not remember the banter you me kurry matt and connor had?? im hurt

Heyyy Welcome Back! =D

Little late to the WB party, but yay, glad to have you back Vaio. So I take it you’re super happy to be out of India? I may have missed previous mentions of you doing so, but congrats anyway.