Alternative to the Map World

Hey all! so im fairly new here, so if there is some hidden meaning behind this, then feel free to let me know, but this is just what i have been thinking might make this server better for the community. So currently our Image Map creation system takes a lot of time, an excess amount of staff work, and overall its fairly old-fashioned, and i think it might be time for an update to the way its done, so here is my pitch:

Although I agree that this is much easier than making a big map by hand, I think we tried doing this a few years ago, but the plug-in was removed because it caused a lot of lag. Can anyone from the staff team confirm or deny if we did, and could you elaborate a bit on it?

we recently trialed the animated frames plugin and we had a number of problems with the plugin.

First thing was many images wouldn’t load correctly onto item frames or wouldnt load at all.
–> this resulted in a hit/miss sort of effectiveness with the plugin

Second thing was that while we had the plugin running, all of the handmade map signs and any other map created would not render the original map area, rather it would load a chunk of one of the plugin’s existing images.

Third thing was that it actually started causing user’s games to crash constantly so it was fully removed by then.

Im happy to trial another plugin like the one you suggest, but given the spotty history of these plugins i’m not very optimistic.

FramePicture used to be a pretty good plugin, but unfortunately it’s still on 1.8 and it’s never been updated. Maybe youse could see how well it works on a different version?

And every single one that seems like it’d be good is a mod rather than a plugin, like OnlinePictureFrame, so that’s never gonna happen.

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