Almost Almosssssstttttttt

Soooooon very sooooooon!

VERY nice! can’t wait for this to come out.

Ya know, I never really liked the original Cyborg 009 but this does seem interesting. I mean, the makers of Ghost in the Shell? They may do the animation justice for the modern era of anime. I hope so at least.

Update us when an episode is out if ya remember Yomi!

it is a Movie and it will be out on dvd 22 may sooooooooooo veryyyy sooooooon

aaaand here it issss

I’m not much of an anime fan but this looks like something id be very interested in

Old topic is old, but I finally got around to watching this. Took a little while into the movie to get used to the art. Then it got all metaphysical and religious. That was weird. Ghost in the Shell got metaphysical too, but I kind of expected that given their premise. This… did not make much sense. The ending scared me out of pure BS mixed with WTF.

For someone who is not as familiar with the androids, I wish there was more about each of them in the movie. Was this a continuation from the original show? For instance, I never got to see the African guy use his abilities.

Still an interesting movie. I just think it was clearly meant for deep fans of the original. Reminded me of the Avengers.

005 aka Geronimo aka the african guy uses Power and by putting on the red stuff he gets more powerfull

Nope, not him. You know he fights plenty in the movie. I meant the archeologist guy. He does nothing in the movie.

This is a bit off topic, but have you seen Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, yet? It’s one of the best anime’s I’ve seen in a LOOONG time, I highly suggest you ALL watch it! Please dont be turned off by the first half of episode one, keep watching! :slight_smile: (Also, I would watch it on Crunchyroll if I waz youz)

it has good elements but not that good.

Wait, are you talking about my comment? “Not that good” … o.o

I watch a Lot of series and gargantia :\ I started very good but now its not that interesting anymore :\

I somewhat understand what you mean, I’m just crossing my fingers it will pick up very soon =)