Allowing flint and steel for trusted+

Due to the fact that Notch will soon add lanterns and torches will have to be relit with flint and steel (I read this on minecraft wiki) I think flint and steel should be allowed for trusted+.
Trusted players wouldn’t abuse the use of fire and as of patch 1.6 fire has been “Severely nerfed so it spreads slower, and doesn’t spread infinitely”.
There are many uses of fire for example:
someone might want to make a fireplace
someone might want to make an incinerator
someone might want to light up a nether portal
someone might want to kill a pig with fire to cook its pork
and as listed b4 someone might want to relight their torches

This idea was half mine and half 121wer’s

This is only a friendly suggestion if there is any downside to this please tell me
Also please tell me if you like the idea

yup :slight_smile:

This Gives me an idea. Im going to lock this thread and make a new thread for this but with more items.