all of minecraft is down or is it just me?

hey minecraft down or is it just me?


dont wanna double post but really need some help!!!

Probably just you

There was a period of time the other day where the login servers were taken down to patch an exploit. If you’re still unable to login, it’s just you

i was just on the server and got kicked becouse a client error e.o

andy1075, modify your post to add more to it, avoid double posting where possible.

I believe he double posted to bump the thread so more people could see it.

yeah sips right. thanks sip. my mine craft WoM client says no servers can validate my login and my mineshafter squared client just won’t open and its really annoying.

does anyone here use the actual Minecraft client taht you download from

i never have problems on that bloody thing. either that, or use the browser. it works fine… =/

Ooo ooo, ME ME ME! I use vanilla!

if all else fails, use Vanilla. it works fine as i said before. it seems to me everyone is so dead set on using the WOM when the origional works perfectly.