All locks have been removed?

I hardly get on PCB, but when I do I like to hang out or pvp with friends. When I got on today, I first noticed that my doors would not simultaneously open… then when I opened my valuables chest…
The 2nd empty row had my diamonds; 64 blocks. Oddly enough, they didn’t really mess with iron, just a couple stacks of ingots.
I know a lot of people will be getting their items stolen from this possible glitch when the server updated to 1.4.4, but all I’m asking for is my 64 diamond blocks.

Image didn’t work… here’s the imgur link:

It was probably because of when the maps were moved around. Everything was unlocked on the old survival map after that. There is a way to see who stole your items if i’m not mistaken. From what i know we can check the logs to see who has been in your chest. I can’t get on and don’t really know if i can do the log check like that since i’m just mod :stuck_out_tongue: However i’m sure someone will be able to help you out soon. :slight_smile:

Its just lb. Use the stick. If that doesn’t work use /lb chestaccess it should show. I am currently away.

I believe I know who the culprete is, it’s coolinator. Me, spec and john were on and saw that he had a stack of diamond blocks, plus some a few stacks of diamonds and I believe he had iron to, but he logged off before we could get the items back. We also didn’t know whose items they were. So someone can ban him and just refund trevor his items or if you see coolinator get him to give the items back and then ban him.

We have already taken the items from cool. They are being held by someone, not sure who, however, cool can be banned.

I believe hard is holding them.

Not working. Just used tried it on anima’s chests. He thinks that was cool too, his enchantment table was in cool’s house.

Logblock doesn’t seem to work on the old map. Access has been restricted to trusted+. Next time an admin is on we will give you back your items