All Hail Your New Master

I am supreme leader of the economy! Mwahaha. Buy my TNT, minions. Buy it all!

Already spent all my monies to ur TNT :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes master

I had over 40k last map, I shall pass you!

There is no way im going to bow to the likes of you, your tnt shop may be impressive but i think if you were to take the f… wait… what is that? no… GET THAT THING AW…

All hail spec.
All hail spec.
All hail spec.
All hail spec.
All hail spec.

I can not be controled by your mundane acts. I am my own being.


considering im selling fake diamonds in your shops to boost the economy a bit…

if i REALLY felt like it… i could surpass you in like an hour…

but im mother fucking robin hood… and i give that shit back to the people, yo

lol i ever buyed 750 tnt at u shop (only for mining of course)
tnt mining is awesome!

So is the destruction of man kind >:D

uhm NO!
i only use it for mining by the tnt mining rules ← i made those by myself i shall post them =j