This is a public announcement to all Donors and Trusted. Within 3 hours I’ve had to deal with 3 players (x10mark, Chen, and Good_Gaming) abusing there tp perks.

Because all three of you are Donors, I can only assume that you dont know the rules by now and this is your warning. Your Teleporting perks are not a right, they are a privilege. You are not allowed to teleport to people with out permission from the other player. Obviously if you know the player and feel they wont care then it is on you to make that judgement call. Abuse of your perks will result in a warning, temp-ban, and then a ban. If you proceed to keep up with the charade your perks can be stripped from you depending on how the banner feels.

Although this announcement is for Trusted as well I can safely say that I haven’t had any problems with them abusing there powers without permission; which I shouldn’t considering most of them know the rules by now. As for staff we do have a bit more gateway because our job is to moderate the server and players. For instance when there are issues concerning players, suspicion of a player, the need to investigate a crime, or to check up on a player.

And @ Donators, everything you got for donating (deathcest, tp, fly, etc.) is just a “thank you” from the server; if we see you abusing these powers or representing the server poorly (greifing, x-ray, other bad stuff) we can and will take these perks away.

A solution to this could be to remove /tp from everyone that isn’t staff and replace it with /tpa. That way, people can’t randomly teleport to others at their free will, it would have to be requested and then accepted.

I know that we currently have tpa, but it isn’t available to members for some reason.

Also note: Just because you are a donator, this DOES NOT exclude you from the rules.

Yes, I think we need this. Would this also work when you try to tp someone to you? (i.e. /tp robin ferr)

Yes, it works both ways. You can also request that someone may teleport to you with the command, and then they can choose to accept.

I feel that trusted should also be able to police the area and report to a staff member. In a real life account I have caught someone griefing a house in Riaz and stealing materials from it and reported to ItailanChild and being that it was their second offense and he banned them.

also note, i think staff only have access to /tptoggle i think it hasnt worked for me in the past but it also didnt say i had access to it

How are you supposed to sneak on members to catch them cheating if you have to ask permission to tp to them?

You’re not supposed to, it’s staff’s job.

I am saying for staff not myself sorry for not being clear :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, well in that case refer to some of the above posts, Staff would be able to override the TPA command and teleport at will, this removing your conundrum from the realm of possibilities.

just dont mess with my contraptions.