alexariel03 - 10th of May, 2014


Minecraft Username alexariel03

Date of Ban 10th of May, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Ferrari

Reason for Ban Killing all of voleterras animals

Reason to be Unbanned My 4 year-old brother was on and he is a serious noob at minecraft. so plz unban me and I will make sure he does not get on!

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

I know I’m not involved or not staff but you’re gonna end up getting the same response used way too many times. “Your account, your responsibility.” Good luck mate.

Actually I banned you. While I don’t believe your response for a second, I will give you a second chance. You will be unbanned tomorrow night at 7pm PST.