Minecraft Username: Alex_the_cool_11

Date of Ban: I don’t know the date (I’m permanently banned)

Banned by: I don’t know

Reason for Ban: Reason for Ban: Incredibly inappropriate building

Reason to be Unbanned: Dear staff members!

First of all, I’m so sorry about doing inappropriate building (I promise to not do it again). I wasn’t just fully aware of that server rule. I didn’t knew you would classify my building as inappropriate.

Second of all, I feel like I deserve a second chance, because I’ve never been banned before. I have respected all of the other server rules (except for incredibly inappropriate building), and I have been friendly to all the players.

Please take this appeal into consideration, and please take my apology seriously.

Best regards Alex_the_cool_11

Previous appeals: I’ve not been banned before.

Hello! Why haven’t I seen any reply?

Hey Alex! So sorry no one has responded, I’m not sure who banned you but your apology seems sincere, but I’ll find out soon and we’ll get back to you soon!

You were banned by @Vexnorz. If he doesn’t handle this in the next 48 hours, someone from Management will take over. Apologies for the wait!

My apologies for missing this ban.

Seeing that your ban is a few months old now and your apology is sincere, I’ll unban you. Please make sure you read the rules.