Alealove7 - 9th of June, 2015


Minecraft Username Alealove7

Date of Ban 9th of June, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by

Reason for Ban I did not Grief, Jah said i could be a builder in his city

Reason to be Unbanned Well first of all, i did not grief

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
6th of June, 2015

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Second banning in a week.

We NEVER ban for only building something in someone’s town, even if you have no permission. It’ll be removed, and you’ll be let known why, but a banning will never occur in this instance.

Madant banned, for the following reason: grief Jahvrapolis - lots

I trust Mad’s decisions 100%, as he hasn’t wrongfully banned yet, if I am correct. Mind telling the truth as to why you “griefed a lot” in the town?

I did not grief anything…
Jah said i can be a builder i swear im not lieing, i would never grief please unbann me. This has to be a mistake

I did not ban, Madant banned. Again, second banning in a week for grief, and we rarely/never make mistakes, as banning is done when the grief is being done/when it is found.

Turns out it was an old banning that was forgiven. Alas, still, you JUST came back.

Please i promise i did not grief, and if i did can you tell me what i did grief?

[size=12px]The reason given was for griefing the town you said you were building in “lots”

[size=12px]Wait for Mad’s reply. Be patient.

Because jah said i could be a builder i did nothing wrong. I asked him to build and the last house i built was because he said i ccould build one

But i will wait

Can i please have a reply

Ok sorry i just really like this server

Don’t pester. It will not speed things up at all, it’s actually just annoying.

Please don’t double post either. Use the modify button if you have something to add to a previous post.

can someone explain what she grief becuase i know she wouldnt gief my city

Yea i did not grief him, i have proof he said i did not…

Maybe its just a mistake

Why cant you guys just believe me! I did not grief, i did not place water or place lava. I also did not destroy any buildings. I would like to know who reported me as griefing.

We are waiting for the staff member who banned her to speak up. As with her, just please WAIT. The topic is quickly filling with posts that are unneeded.

His word doesn’t necessarily mean anything if he did not see the griefing beforehand. For all you know, it was fixed while he was offline. How please, no more posts in this until Mad replies. Any and all (unless ACTUALLY contributing to this instead of “what was it” or “it was a mistake”) will be removed.

I appreciate being patient. The banning was due to setting up massive amounts of rail system across Vraj’s city. They were meandering the road. On top of that there were several areas where there were holes and broken blocks in walls, thus it was simply more than rails. In speaking with Vraj, it was not wanted, and from what I understand you were told no.

I was told my Jwalden that we could i just helped because he said he needed help. Im sorry i did not know it was someone elses plot i was just helping, i was not told that ist was someone elses land.

Please forgive me

Jwalden said it was an abandon city

So i think it is jwaldens fault for not giving me this other information, like jah said in his appel he did not know.

I spoke with Vraj. I will unban you, but pleas make certain that you have the owners permission to build. If you are unsure, ask a staff member. There are also rules laid out in the forums regarding cities that seem abandoned. Be certain to read the rules, and if you are unsure, ask.

Unbanned, locked