alcova hites

hi giz its mi, yoshio

i wantd two shar with yu a noo towne dat me, koloalamama, itlalianchyld, anJelsnetinal, mdant97, AbiKya and fow ohers hav bin wurkin on. it jst ricinly get a warp for are towne. we wunt yoo too com chick it out nd hav fon ples. but ples dun grif it becase dat iz men. yu no it iz so dun doo it ples. we hav kol stuf for yu to chekc

if yu ned trnslatin, ples fall fre to as.


yosh io

the wrap is /warp alcovaheights

Very well written. I could not have said any of that better myself. Yoshio, you should explain the story of how the town came to be. It is a bootiful story.


thansk. i mite kri evrytiem


absofrickinlutely boootiful

I have tears :’(

i haz teers two


the weirdest thing is… i can read it very easily…


@TheUKOctopus nuuu dun ad it two PBC Sbuways ples ples ples wi ned it four pbulik spece.

thansk four yuore time,

y oso

O 'em geee. The teers. Avocado hites bootiful

i cri evry teim

subskrib if yuo cryd

I swear its a talent to right that badly yet still make it readable.

Achievement get : [Do You English]

Anyway story please screw your tears I want to know (you tears make me want to hear it even more)


okei. anjle, madnat97, an a feu othrs tpd to mi, kolala, and itla so dei culd se wat we wre doeng. anjle bilt a 1 bi 1 towr of greval soe hi culd se it fal don an it wuld lok kol. den, itlalincyld bilt a nudle satnd soe hi culd sel nudls two pepl four fon. he evin gabe mi a nudl!!! :smiley: so, bak too tha stori. itla satrted macin hes nudle satnd rely tal an sutff. tha nudl stnad is atculaly stil tere if yu lok korektli yu wil se ti. aniway, den tings satrted two git owt ov kantrol. pepl satrtdd bilding soe meni bilds taht wer jast rely kol. das hau Acloav Hiehgts bigand.

thansk four yor tim.


Nah m80

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