AlanJG and RomonPav2010

We don’t know if we got banned or not but anyway here it goes.

Me and RomonPav2010 were creating a stadium on flatland. We then asked why a area was protected even though nothing was there. Then someone was kicking people for no reason and then we ended up getting kicked as well. Now every time we click join sever it just loads up Singleplayer or says can’t connect.

I want to know why we got banned as all we did is ask about something.

You havent been banned, hard24get and Kyle8910 were kicking people, as an error was coming up, saying ‘______ has caused a block change error’. this error just moved to another person after the first one was kicked, then the server crashed. The server crashing is the reason you cant get online, because the server itself isnt online!

Dont worry, next time the server is rebooted, you will be able to get back on :slight_smile:
I hope this helped :smiley:

Oh, OK :slight_smile: That clears up everything. Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem :smiley: The server can go down quite often, and unless Andy has got the auto reboot set up yet, it will remain down until he reboots it.

You’re only banned if a red screen pops up stating so, upon trying to connect

DOnt worry i dont ban people unless they greif or make me angry.
You wont like me when im angry…
Romon on the other hand i dont know