Airsoftpro26+my unban date

I have noticed that Airsoftpro26 has been banned for going into a corrupted chunk. I just want to say that (In my personal opinion) he should also be unbanned from the server in one week just as i will be. (His unban date would be: 2/20/15 in this case)

     Reminder: My unban date is 2/17/15! I'm very excited to rejoin the server. I apologize to ALL members of PCB for the day that i went to the corrupted chunk and crashed the server. I will be sure not to make the same mistake again.

There really is no need for posts like this; us staff know when we will unban. Hang in tight, and be patient.

Yes sir. But is airsoftpro26 going to be unbanned? he is one of my closest online friends

Airsoft can make a ban appeal of he wants, then staff can decide wether he deserves to be unbanned or not.

Precisely as Joshua said. He hasn’t appealed, so he simply remains banned until then. Locked.