airsoftpro26 - 14th of November, 2015


Minecraft Username airsoftpro26

Date of Ban 14th of November, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by MrFerf

Reason for Ban "greifing"

Reason to be Unbanned Why was i banned? I didn’t grief! I swear. I don’t remember breaking anything. Maybe a block, That i didn’t notice. But can you unban me? I didn’t grief. I swear

[ Ban History ] 2 other ban appeals found
21st of October, 2015

12th of August, 2015

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You were supposed to be banned by Penguina 4 days ago for griefing one of Vex’s builds (40 blocks or so).

I rebanned you because on the ban list, Penguina had typed in “airsoftpr26” as the user, missing the “o”.

Yet, you’ve been playing on the server for almost half a week now, and no one’s said or noticed anything.

Penguina’s the one to talk to if you have a problem, as she’s the one who initially banned you. I just made sure nothing else would happen.

I just want to add when I joined on and headed to my Head Vault in VoltZ there was glass around and a couple blocks were broken I do’nt know what else because Penguina did something and it was cleared up. The block logs don’t lie Airsoft. If you’d owned up to it I would of asked to unban you. It wasn’t too big of a deal so I request a temp-ban for him. (Up to staff) and Airsoft I’m not doing you a favor I just don’t think you should be banned forever for something like that. I’m giving you 24 hours to respond to this or I might not request a temp ban (Up to staff)

It’s been a while since the appeal was created…
Just letting @Penguina and @airsoftpro26 that they both need to respond soon.
All decision are really up to Penguina, but we need to hear airsoft’s side of the story too.

Well, heres my side of the story. i Had to go afk cause my dad needed something. So i went to go help him. I got back and saw there was glass around me. I didn’t notice what happened. So a few days after i was banned. Then i saw the report @Vexnorz said. I asked my brother if he new anything… He did it. He said he though it would be funny. Please believe me. I wouldn’t lie. By brother did it @MrFerf
Thank you for your time.
-airsoftpro26 (Aaron)

“My brother did it” is one of the biggest excuses for griefing in PCB server history, and history repeats itself… This is NOT an excuse for what was done via your account.

It is your responsibility to prevent others from doing such things like using your account to grief even if it just seems like a petty joke.

Please own up to your mistake instead of shifting blame to your brother, your cat, your dog, your evil monkey who lives in the closet, alien in the attic, whatever and apologize to be considered for an unban.

This, this, and more of this.

We honestly don’t really care if you did it, your mother, or anyone. Airsoftpro26 did it, so we banned Airsoftpro26. Whether or not you did, or are using someone else as a scapegoat, it happened. You still haven’t apologized for the offense either, just pinned the blame elsewhere.

Not a promising tactic to get unbanned.

Penguina has yet to respond, and you, airsoft, have come up with the absolute lamest of excuses. The people who have responded all seem to agree that no matter what happened, you are responsible for what happens on your account. You are to remain banned, and I am locking this, but that can’t prevent Penguona for providing her own two cents.

And just a word of advice, whatever sever you happen upon next, make sure this brother of yours doesn’t have access to your account.