|AIR ZOO| Aircraft Museum - Help needed!

Hey guys, a lot of you may remember a long, long time ago that I started this aircraft museum, with help from an inactive person named MobHuntah. So, it’s been forever since I’ve done anything there, (even considered redoing it)
and it needs to be remodeled, etc. And, considering it’s only 15% done and about 250x 72 (I think) blocks, I either need lots of time, or a lot of builders, and a lot of awareness for this build. So, that said, lets get to the fun stuff: What needs to be done.

-Finish the roof
-Finish walls, and floors
-Clear a lake
-Destroy a few planes
-Renovate about everything, besides aircraft

That up there all needs to be done. Yeah, may not look like a lot, but once you get there, trust me, you will be like
``I am not signing up for this shit’’. I’ve been trying for 1 3/4 years to get this museum of mine going again, and it didn’t work. So now I need your help. I need builders. Currently, I’m only going to accept 8-12 builders, depending on who wants to do it. Before I say you can be a builder: I need to see your builds. Your builds must be perfect.
One tiny misplaced window, it will mess a lot up. I will modify the post when somebody applies, and I accept them.



Senior Builders:

Director: RJBud1

~~~~ R J ~~~~

New Builder(S): Filipenis, Buddy_Rich

Sure, Buddy! Seems all the best MC Builders as well as frineds want to apply.

Hey dude! Nice to see your gonna try and finish that project. I would like to aplly for a builed spot :wink:

Hey again RJ I remember when you started this massive build. I want to apply for Senior Builder position. We used to build together I think you know of my abilities. So let me know if you have forgotten. I would be happy to show you.

Hello TNT187, the senior builder rank, you have to earn, by helping a lot with the museum and building, etc.
I vaguely remember you and your builds, so I would like to see if you’ve improved or not.

Thanks, RJBud1

~~~~ R J ~~~~

Btw: Staff, this isn’t a double post right? xD I’m stupid.

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