again im srry

i will only post this once
i am srry for bullying
i am srry for being imature
and im aspecially srry to you all on pcb
and if i could get somone to unban me i would be gratefull
and srry for the bad typing i type too fast

wye do all the ops and admins hate me? :frowning:

We dont hate you because we banned you. We dilike you because you are annoying on dynamap.
Once again, no. We decided that you will not be unbanned now, nor anywhere in the near future. No.

Well i for one dont hate you. and i do dislike double posts

wow i thught you guys actually liked me :frowning: forever alone = me

I like you spiral, don’t worry about what the other’s have to say, i’ll always be your friend dont worry.

pssssh hpw should i beleave you :frowning: because everyone else THINKS IM A NOOB

Stop going on such a damned pity trip. You’re banned. End of discussion.

wow then i have no other fun servers you guys were actually the ONLY smp server i liked to play
but still idf thats how its gonna be good;uck to you guys and ill miss you guys :frowning:

Protip 1: Guilt never gets anywhere with us.

Protip 2: If you had demonstrated you can take being banned, you may have been unbanned. Honestly, begging for an unban just makes it less likely.