AFK Farming


In our current situation with the survival realm, there are multiple opportunities that are questionable due to the rule on AFK machinery. The main one I am enlisting, being the AFK fish farm.

Minecraft Server Rule (8)
“Tools to prevent players going into AFK are prohibited (e.g. Anti-AFK Pools, etc).”

This rule makes it questionable whether or not a fish farm would be allowed as it is an innocent, very useful action to take advantage of in Vanilla Minecraft. I do understand that limitations have been put in place to make the server even more vanilla, like the removal of money, the market, teleportation, etc. I find it to be highly contrary to limit the players by even making fish farms illegal, as it is now even harder to obtain items with the removal of the market. Fish farms are a great reliable way to obtain special items like Nautilus Shells, Mending Books, and Saddles.

With this current rule in place it removes this capability entirely, making fish farms illegal. I question whether or not if fish farms could be an exception, if they already are an exception, or if that rule is necessary due to server resets kicking players every 12 hours anyway. Basically what I am implying is, with a rule like this in place the server becomes even more limited than vanilla. Please reply your thoughts on this Staff. :slight_smile:

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I think that’s a fair point, considering those rules were written in a time where we had the market and economy to worry about.

The only downside being potential server lag if everyone were to start using mob grinders and farms…

Also while we’re on the topic, we might want to review our 15 minute AFK kick policy too :thinking:

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I think fish farms should be allowed, they barely cause lag. But bigger afk-farms will cause much more lag to the server. These bigger farms might need some restrictions; like certain farms wich cause to much lag could be banned or other ways to limit the use on them to prevent lag on the server.

Also in an older topic, or in game, i heard that they also banned it because those players wouldn’t be considered afk by the game. Because of this they won’t respond to messages from other players. Maybe add a command a bit like /afk that gives you a temporary tag to inform other players that you are afk.

Anyway i am happy someone brought this up and i hope this rule could change. :slight_smile:

They were mainly banned because they prevent you from going afk - we didn’t put in things like afk kicks just for fun.

Perhaps we could just extend the time it takes to get kicked for being afk.