Well, this is my first forum thread I have made so here it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

As of late, I have noticed a lot of advertisement in the chat. I do realize that many people want you to tryout their new business or restaurant, but the chat is always flooded with advertisement. For me, the best way to lure me in as a customer is to let me find the place and try it out, not giving me a bunch of annoying ads that I don;t care about. I know it probably won’t, but is there anyway we could calm down a bit on the advertising and let people find the place itself? The ads are getting pretty annoying, and I know some other people who would agree with me. Can we just not do it as much?

I agree, especially shops and all, i mean its good like one or twice but advertising every damn minute drives me insane. Keep the chat clean guys!

Preach it

Time for herochat am I right


I totally believe this, I feel it is near impossible anymore to talk with people on the chat when 20 or more people are on. Now we have ads taking up the chat. Guys I feel the chat should have new rules with these new people coming on everyday it is hard for them to communicate to staff when they need help. A lot of new comers accidentally grief not knowing. Nor am I saying not have fun in the chat. Just find a medium. 8)


There is this guy that posts something about this food bar every minute and it drives me insane!

Suggestion: A thread specifically for advertising your business, town or job position!