Advertising Discussion.

Yes, we all know we need to advertise in order to get traffic to the server’s. So lets discuss on how we can do that. Shall we make some promotion videos? And which sites are a good choice to list our server on? Any suggestions you may have on advertising for PCB, please feel free to list them here. This is an open discussion after all.

okay guys i got this, 4/20/2012, we storm every street around the world with PCB posters advertising the server, with enough awareness we can get people to join us

Didn’t we use way back when to advertise? I remember we got a nice steady amount of players without the server going insane. If not then we could always use the minecraft forums and advertise for a week or so then delete the thread to prevent an overload. I believe somebody suggested that in the other thread.


As nice as a video would be, I don’t see how it would bring people to our servers. Posting in public listings does work. We can certainly link to our site, Facebook page and YouTube channel in those posts.

The very fact that we HAVE a site is impressive as hell to me. So many servers have nothing or crap for a site. This place is REALLY good.

I’m up for any of those famous sites as long as we take down the ad fairly quickly. 50 people an hour is expected from those. Likely more.

Well from the looks of things we got about 4 active mods, 12 active ops, all sops besides Nek(But he doesnt really count) and you :stuck_out_tongue:

Think we need some more staffys?

Do i count as one of those active mods? SORRY that i have to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue: XD

On the discusion of how a video would work. If we made some promo videos on our events then that would most definitely bring some people. I have been on some videos where they make a simple video advertising their “MAZE!!!” and it made me wont to join the server very much. These videos actually where somewhat old and still where bringing some people to the server. No i never got attached to the server, that is mostly because i love this server too much to abandon it. If we made a good promo video of maybe COUGH my maze COUGH, it could bring some people to the server. And any other events that we would plan on doing regularly. I’m not saying that my maze should be a regular thing, but i am saying that maybe it doesn’t have to die the first time we play it.

I think if we could connect with some of the old staff :stuck_out_tongue:

McServerlist is good. But Don’t post on a forum, or a youtube video. Thats where most of the greifers come from D:.

I say once were ready, we can just put our server up on there and Monitor the server until we think we have enough people. Then take the post down. But I also thought, Instead of having one person be incharge of it. Why not make a Server Account. So that multiple people access it instead of one.

^^^This. And we can post it’s credentials in the Staff boards so we can access it.

I like the ideas posted here, but we should wait until we are updated obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

+1. And I agree that we need the mods to be more active. The server could end up being trampelled by traffic and we need all hands on deck :).

+1 on Hard’s idea.

Me likey all ideas on here, especially hard’s :slight_smile:

ok well im just gunna ask… can we use FB as a viable option for at least a LITTLE advertising? a little word of mouth can go a long way… we can even warn people that griefing isnt tolerated and what we are about and the events that we are planning…

We can, just the flow of traffic won’t be as consistent so +1 for hard as well.

ok well when i get home from work tonight i know a few people i can invite. ;D

Advertising by word of mouth is what gets done at the moment. As not many people come her that way we can manage fine.