adriananddorian- 10th of April 2016... FOR NO REASON WTF MANNARIAH?!

i joined and typed my traditional aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay greeting but i accidentally typed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagy and when i tried to fix my mistake i placed the asterisk wrong and it was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*y and then i said crap but i misspelled it as carp so i said *crap to correct myself and mannariah BANNED ME FOR SPAM! Like WTF Mannariah?!

somebody unban me

this is what chat looked like:

adriananddorian: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagy

adriananddorian: oops Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*y

adriananddorian: carp

adriananddorian: *crap

adriananddorian was banned by [op] Mannariah for spam

your’e supposed to kick somebody as warning before you ban them, and I wasn’t even spamming!

plz unban me thanks

Ummmm, first thing, I didn’t ban you… @madant79 did. Second thing, use the proper ban appeal form: