ading to /swearblock

hi guys i was wondering if there could be any way to block more than just swears on the server. i’ve noticed a lot more innapropriate talk and i wanted to block that as well.



If you mean like blocking sentences? Then that would be a massive issue.

For instance we could potentially block ‘I hate gay people’ in sentence form, but we couldnt block all the other variations of this sentence as theres too many. Such as ‘I hate the gays’, ‘The gays i hate’, ‘Gay are hated by me’ for instance.

Also we cant block words that arent terrible like hate, People, I, bad ect as that will get in the way of general conversion ‘I am ***, * **** ****** that think that is *** — I am gay, I hate people who think that is bad’

We can block certain words but nothing more really, This is the internet and whilst we try and moderate language to a degree, we cannot silence the entire internet from peoples crazy opinions or bad sayings.

(Disclaimer; I do not have an issue with gay people, I just picked on them for an example >.<. There is no hatred in my heart)

Mini, PM me what you want me to add to swear block and I’ll add it.

fatso, i dont believe you

I believe him