Add LB tools for Trusted and donors?

Idea: LB tools
Rank(s): Trusted/donors
Details: I noticed that the LB tool block is not available to trusted. After being hella confused and being lazy, I finally decided to make this post.
Reason: Well when i was on the other day, I noticed a missing piece of the map by the boat. I dont know who destroyed it because I couldnt look it up. There was an operator on, and due to my lack of time being on the server, i had no idea who it was (senpai something), and before i noticed the grief (one block. OOoo such grief) the op left. I know it couldnt of been a normal player because that area is staff only or sop+.

TL;DR? Members help staff spotting grief. If we cant even use lb tools, how do we help?

Well you can help by telling a staff member that there is possibly a grief. I dont really see much of a point in giving everyone lb, I feel as if they would somehow cause stuff with the player. :expressionless:

Honestly I dont care if everyone has LB but I dont really see a use in everyone having it :B

I believe you can still use a stick to check logs if your not staff

Tbh, I’d rather have a member scream a generic grief warning at me than ‘OH MY GOD, PLAYER X IS A GRIEFER, BAN THEM NOW!’

Whether trusted/donator can check who did it or not, us staff have to go there anyway, and accusations are never fun to handle, even if they do end up being banned.

This would be useful, but as mentioned above, they cannot ban, or even kick. Good job, you know who’s griefing. Just now, you’re standing there and waiting for staff, or basically being screamed at by members to do something, when you can’t.

In the past i’ve been called to an area to check for grief by trusted, only to find that the building was demolished by its own maker. The trusted individual could not know this since they lack logblock.

Personally i think Trusted should have logblock. I don’t think having more eyes to look out for damage is ever a bad thing, and this way they can actually know that it is grief.

If they cannot use lb toolblock properly they shouldn’t be trusted >,>

anyway i always find it useful to make sure if the problem that there is is that important? or just fixable without staff

Whats so wrong with lb tool?

Place a block in the whole, and use /lb tool instead of toolblock

I did not know that we could do that, and I’m sure a lot of other people didn’t know. With that knowledge it makes the blocks seem pretty unnecessary anyway, its not like a trusted can even ban or kick or whatever. Really, we aren’t gonna use it for heavyweight grief checking since we can barely do anything about, say, a whole destroyed house, but if its like one block or something small and irrelevant, then /lb does the job well enough.

The thing is, i dont think trusted has access to any /lb command.

Im pretty certain that members have /lb tool.

They did at one point, at least, I know.

Members and trusted never had access to /lb tool as it gives the player sticks, if someone was to spam it it would mean infinite sticks. It has always been a mod+ command (check the command list under server info). Trusted have had access to the logs though so if we were to make our own stick and have /lb tool Then we could use it like the /lb tool. We could also access the logs from silk touching a redstone block and right clicking with that, the same as /lb tool block. This way we could check reported grief and help the staff by thelling them who did what.

Doesn’t work like that,If the person already has a stick in their inventory when doing /lb tool it’ll just put the stick they already have in their hand

Besides, I don’t think it was really the sticks anyone cared about, but the redstone ore…

In summary, players (or is it trusted+) have the ability to use a stick they have crafted to check placing/destruction logs. The reason we have not given access to the /lb commands are because of potential abuse of the command, spawning infinite redstone or sticks.
Hope that clears everything up.

Thanks for clearing that up spec.

And to check a broken block with the stick, simply place a block you can easily remove in the space, then right click it with the stick.

Why not revert the toolblock to say bedrock, and any placements of bedrock can be looked up on LB and then offender just be banned? Actually the stick works perfectly fine tbh nvm

So you’re trusted but you didn’t know about the stick…? How long have you been with us? Lol


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