Acting out our favorite movies and shows.

I have had an idea that it would be cool if we could like act out some famous movies like Rebel With Out A Cause and such. Just putting an idea in the big machine and hoping it will fit I hope that you guys want to do this. If so then post ok?


I once dressed up as a us navy seal and caught osama bin laden (vaiovista)

This shit only happens on pcb, folks.

I put the picture on facebook many moons ago. Only happens on pcb folks.


What? No one wants to do this? Ok I guess scratch that idea…

Can you elaborate more on the idea? And this sounds more like something you’d do on your own, not as an event

I don’t really know I thought it would be kinda like the wedding thing. Also if we post this on youtube it would attract more people to our server…

So we basically make a film set of our favourite film. Get skins as the characters and act out the films… its pretty simple

I believe the word we’re all looking for here is: Roleplaying.

kinda like this.
i mean it sounds like a good idea and all, but with most everyone being on different timezones, it may be hard to pull off. if you can find something that everyone will like to try, then i don’t see why we couldnt do this again