Acra city, A city of gold (Not literally)

Acra City, a place where men can dream, woman cam dance and the only thing worth worrying about is the heat. This luxurious city is home to 3 districts - The office district, home to Muntz Tower; The residential district, home to the most modern homes you’ll ever see, made by Astmartin, a talented architect; and the park district, home to the lush Acadia forests.

Miles from any town, only connected via the longbow highway, Acra city makes the perfect pitstop, and who needs actual motorised vehicles when you have the NicShorty subway system, coming soon!

Sights to see -

Muntz tower


Muntz tower gets it’s name from the infamous office district. It’s consistent tower hight towers over the city, like a guardian.

The Residential District


This District is the reason why acra city is such a sight to look at. The district was made by Astmarin, a imo famous modern house builder, who loves to carry every singer detail, he even covers a full scale internal design with stuff! Bloody legend

The Office District


A one of a kind district, featuring a vast variety of skyscrapers and even our own Muntz tower and soon to be Judah hotel, a skybar. I love checking out this section of town because I feel truly immersed in the world around me, not to mention I can’t wait for the skybar.

OK thats it, I might add more to the list but until then that was only a brief description of the cityscape, oh and one more thing, here are the heads crediting yours truly and many other builders towards the making of
Acra city and it’s districts


Be sure to check out the town, it’s north east of the spawn area in cspawn, type in /warp cspawn and travel north east, or ask one of our founders to direct you towards it

See you around! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice guys, keep up the great work, make a place for an announcement board and/or a place to keep your rules at to keep everything organized and then ask anybody on staff to set a warp for you :smiley:

Survival or creative? Impressive!

Its Creative Javi, if you go down the Cspawn highway and follow it down all the way to the red bridge (resembling Golden Gate) you can travel on the bridge to the location

I like how it looks like a great survival town, it still keeps the MC realism.

I’v been wanting to post this for a long time now but I guess you beat me to it!

Nice work!
But still… Best viewed in Flow HD


nice! im curious what shaders you are using though

keep up the good work!

I was using SEUS 10.1 Ultra for 1.7.5 if you need to know :slight_smile:

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