--Access for Most Powerful Spawner--

[size=14pt]I’m now selling access the to most powerful spawner in PCB! This spawner hooks up TWO skeleton spawners, making it about as fast as a ender grinder! Access also comes with may perks!

[ul][li]Unlimited bones, arrows, armor, and bows[/li]
[li]Free to use anvil[/li]
[li]Free to use 30 enchantment table[/li][/ul]

[size=14pt]Access is only $300for permanent use!
[size=8pt]*No refunds after first use

Just going to ruin this advert. It’s not possible to be as fast as an ender grinder. Love you :wink:

i dunno who but i remember someone having a 4 mob spawner Grinder last map…
is that faster?

I found a 4 cave spider spawner once…

Ender grinders can have 100+ spawning floors, any size. So, not really.
Hence why they are banned currently, until we get some regulations on them.

This used to be the Farcoastian Army’s Grinder before Ferrari bought it off of me. It has some notable features, such as that you can use a splash healing potion to instant-kill all of the skeletons after you’ve been afking for a bit. Warning: You will be temporarily blinded by experience orbs as you are washed with levels upon levels of experience if you use this method. The spawner in of itself creates skeletons at a decent clip too.

This isn’t the one near valandia next to the TNT cannon?

This one is technically right next to the Farcoastian Fortress Overlook (Giant tower, 4 TNT Cannons). The surface access was cut off when Ferrari purchased it. Not sure if you are talking about the same one, since Overlook is generally “near” Valandia (North, slightly west).

I dont know about other endergrinders but this isnt even close to how fast my grinder was. ijs.

Mine was 30 second 30 levels and 30 seconds to fill up.