Abbykia Community Ban Appeal

When I came back after my week or so of inactivity I was looking at the forums and noticed that @TheTimeWulf got perma-banned. Confused I then went on to finishing reading all of the replies, this lead to my belief and agreeing with staff on the 2 week ban as that seemed fit. Perma’ban though? I relize that the way she lied and used a alt to get back on was wrong so maybe she should be banned for 3 weeks to a month but still, perma-ban?

@TheTimeWulf is a strong member of the community and one of the biggest contributors to the server-wide know town “Empire.” This grief was very minor and I do not think that anyone even noticed as it was not brought up until now (8 months late)

I agree fully with what you said in your reply @Zak96 about how we should not just get on jump to conclusions and yell at staff about the ban. For that reason, I have made this post. I hope this does not come off as me telling staff how to do their jobs as I agree with you. At the same time though Permanent Ban is just was to extensive for this minor of a incident.

Me and @The_Jacob have been talking this over and we have rallied up some support to get @TheTimeWulf not perma-banned. Staff please listen to your Community, for we are what make PCB what it is today. :slight_smile:

[glow=red,2,300]If you wish to vote on Thetimewulf’s appeal then please vote above. (you have 2 votes)[/glow]

Poll removed, as it is a staff decision, not everyone’s. Sorry for that.

Thanks Jedi for bringing this up, I was planning to make a post about this event too. I think the perm-ban was over the top, I would only give her 2 weeks of ban then a second chance, if she messes up again than a perm ban. I believe in 2nd chances.


This is a staffs decision, however I would like to hear what more community members have to say. Possibly even the person she griefed. It would be very helpful to hear what the people who know her best and have played with her the most have to say about this.

The problem was, Jacob and Jedi, that she used an Alt to gain access to our server during her ban duration. We will ban no matter what for alt usage, because it shows that you are trying to deceive us.

As for her griefing, it was minor, I do agree. However, it was with intent of homophobia and insult, which is very against our policies of respecting everyone. We don’t tolerate such things.

She also refused to admit to her griefing, until we provided clear cut evidence, and even then, denied it until all staff agreed that it was her. This shows that she tried to make us feel as if it was not only her. She also tried to pin the blame on missing signs, which means she wasn’t willing to accept the blame.

In short, if she would have just admitted to it from the start, and waited out her temp ban, we wouldn’t be here.

And Koala, sure, but not in a poll, as a poll’s results in public forums can so easily be influenced negatively. Instead, those who have an opinion may speak, but again, a staff’s decision. We can consider it, however.

Zak can you please not remove the poll you are killing the community’s voice. Like I said the Community makes up PCB with out us what is there?

Again, I am not killing any voice. those who wish to speak may freely do so in this thread. Polls can be abused so easily, all it takes is making dummy accounts and spamming the desired choice.

why are yall acting like she griefed 2 blocks and got perma-banned? Has anyone actually even read the appeal? She lied and contradicted herself quite the number of times, as well as had a homophobic intent. I know yall have freedom of speech and everyone has their own belief, but YOU dont have the right to damage others property due to someones belief. This isn’t the westboro baptist church guys. People are treating her like a saint now? Jesus fuck

@koalamama The owner of the griefed flag was @JoshezQueer If i remember. I believe he made a thread about leaving for quite a while due to school. So I assume we wont be getting a response from him unfortunately

EDIT: To yall downvoting any staff that even reply, Treat this like reddit. DO not downvote because you disagree. Downvoting is for anything that doesnt really contribute to the discussion, or is disrespectful.

As much as I like Abby and would like her to be a part of the server, I’m kind of beginning to agree with Javi. Coming from a family with LGBT+ members (my parents, if you didn’t know), homophobia is quite the issue for me. I feel like Abby used Josh’s proud-ness about his orientation to his disadvantage, which I think I view as a much bigger issue than some of you do. Understand that, while the grief was small she: Had homophobic motives, and bypassed her ban.

About the poll, we might as well keep it just to see what the general public thinks. We don’t necessarily have to accept it if we don’t view it as the right decision.

@Javi Thanks for bringing this up. This is just childish. How are we supposed to agree with you if you are downvoting everything we say? You’re missing the point, guys.

PS: Josh, please don’t conceal who you are because of this. You know I’ll always support your decisions :slight_smile: And good luck with school :stuck_out_tongue:

I justified my reasons in the ban appeal. Abby’s story was a web of lies and blame shifting. If she had just told the truth then she would have had a 2week tempban.

Peoples religion, sexual orientation etc is their right to be what they want it to be.

Therefore we, as a multi-national server must respect their rights and if anyone - no matter who -abuses them in any way then they should be banned.

Abbey may well be liked by many but staff have the final say.

Over the years many gay people, male/female, have been members and some still are and many have taken quite a bit of abuse from other players in one form or another.

Each and every one of us is entitled to our own beliefs - if you don’t agree with other people beliefs then keep it to yourself - think how you would feel if someone attacked your beliefs and feelings.

Lying to get ones own way is also not tolerated and as Zak said using an alt is also a ban offence.

The decision in my opinion is upto the person that banned Abbey in this case TheOctopus.

Just because someone is well-liked in the community shouldn’t exempt them from the rules.

Think of it like this: If I’m well liked by the community, but steal a car from someone, should I not go to jail, because I was friends with those around me, or even the cops? No, because even the cops, their job is to keep order, even if it means arresting their friends.

Abby is the thief, we are the cops.

Eesh, I don’t really know what side to take on this.

1st of all, Abby is, or should I say was, a great member, and the times I built with her on the server were so fun. But still, that doesn’t make up for what she did do.

2nd of all, she had multiple offenses that contribute to her ban, and in some cases, what she did can mean a perma-ban. She griefed JoshezQueer’s gay pride flag, which even though was 8 months ago, I/we can still see the homophobia and insult in that. She used an alternate account to bypass a ban, which is the real life equivalent of escaping prison. And finally, she lied to staff multiple times, which is a sin no matter what your religion.

If Abby was a new player, this would probably add up to a permanent ban, but since she has been on the server for a long time, the maximum sentence would probably be about 3 months.

Guys, she broke the rules simple as that even more rules than most people who get banned(2 major ones if I might add) while I understand friendship is important to you guys but maintaining the rules should be top priority especially staff. Jedi what she did would be similar to me going to your house and burning a cross in front of it. This server should be a way to escape the cruelness of the real world and were we can have fun and respect each others ideals. If we don’t perma-ban her this would be favouritism. Also if she was caught earlier she would have been banned immediately do you wonder how many people have been banned like this. Also remember when we banned Yomi don’t you think that was harder for some people other than you guys but they realized that they had to obey the rules.

I think this has been active for long enough.

This is a very serious, hatred motivated attack, involving lying profusely to staff and using an alt.

If abby appeals in a long ass time I might consider it.