Abandoned towns for ownership!

As many of you know I am lazy. Well sort of. Anyway back to the topic. I was wondering if there are any towns that you may have made that are empty now. I would like to take ownership of one of these towns to convert it into the next United Nations centre.

Ka_52 - Secretary General, United Nations PCB

Isn’t kitten’s town abandoned?

Well if he says I can have it I will take it :smiley:

Would be a nice project to edit buildings, if given permission by people who live/used to live there, and make them all fit into a UN building style. Then you could add a central hub building too.

That was my thinking too.

it’s not really a town, more like an abandoned cluster of buildings closely built together with no lighting and poor materials used, just take it.

The warp base is somewhat abandoned. Under ownership of me though

There may still be some people living in miningbenton, i think that was kittens town.
However, i dont think any of them have been on lately probably due to the update.
Think they updated to 1.5 and of course now cant get onto the main site till its updated.

Thanks buster, I will wait then until they come back on to take it, if kitten lets me.

And sword, does that mean I can use base?

Actually Kitten3101 is banned… And appealed http://projectcitybuild.com/forums/index.php?topic=4519.0 so… I think you can just take it Ka.

Yea I just saw that on the server, thanks sac. It is mostly abandoned anyway so I will start work now. Any of the former residents will be refunded for their homes.

Trust me : You Don’t want that Town

Ya you can use base. I still claim that house though

I’ve already started repairing it. I really never should have started - the place is disorganized, ugly etc

Chrisjebuilds wasnt too happy when he came on with what had happened to his town. He and Emfitty still use it. I told him to make a forum link to you Ka but he didnt have time, got an exam tomorrow.
Could you sort it out with him pls.
I told him you would reimburse him and that I would let you know. I let u guys get on with it.

Why did no one think to check with everyone living there? Reimbursing will not be much good to Chris if he is annoyed about his home being edited.

Huh. I thought I made a post but apparently I forgot to hit post before I closed the tab.

I was gonna say prior to this incident that a town is only considered free if the town owner is banned, and/or no residents live in it anymore. Any items within the town that were previously owned by a banned player are not considered free-for-all either. Items owned by current players are still owned by that player unless they have been inactive without warning for a long period of time (months). In a case where someone wants to take ownership of a dead town, any items currently in the town that were owned by a banned player would be removed by a staff member and properly destroyed.

I don’t know why anyone didn’t think to see if the residents were still living there. The best solution would be to ensure they still have their items in their chests, and to either negotiate or compensate them for their house/items.

My creative town’s abandoned. I think Pixnet might still live there, despite me declaring his house vacant (cough cough Squatter cough cough). It’s connected to Emerald Shores, What’s her face’s equally abandoned city… Though don’t take my word for it. Ask Cherry for Emerald, but you can have my place.

Again, just warp to Emerald, then follow the highway until you find the unfurnished bridge. Just keep goin’ and you’ll find a city with a big white “Surrender” flag. :stuck_out_tongue:

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