A WE Situation in Acra

So its early October, and me and Yoshio are building buildings in a new wing of Acra City north of Greenwood Heights (or if thats what its called), and I started to develop the Acra World Center in that wing. The complex WAS going to have 7 buildings. So I started building AWC1 (the black building you will see in the picture I’m going to give you). After 2 days, it was almost ready to open. I went to bed on the second night, hoping i would finish the next day. The next day, I go to the AWC and there was a red line with signs on the road, blocking the area. I read the signs. Basically what they said is that it was the approximate line the where CherryRed WE’d for Kostarious’s land (the area with the huge palaces), and that we couldn’t build there. That meant I couldn’t finish the AWC. I was so sad, all that work for nothing. Over the 3 months that passed I had a faint idea that I could WE AWC1 to another area in Acra and rebuild the complex there, but I stayed in sadness (in those three months I built Enn River City). Now, 3 months later, I was showing jmvvana all of my builds, when in chat, Yomigare says something about WE. The idea came back to me and I said “One of my ideas was to WE it to downtown” to jmvvana in chat, hoping to get Yomi’s attention. She said, “What do you need WE for”. I told her, and she said “So?”, meaning she wasn’t going to WE the tower. I said that I’ll make a thread about it, and I did.

Whats my point? With Yoshio’s perms, I could WE the tower outside of the boundairy and continue building AWC. Mods, would you be happy to do that? XD, but really. Yoshio can show you when he’s on next.

So here’s that picture I told you about:


Tbh I’m not super concerned about this anymore. It was a long time ago, and Acra City can’t expand any further now without getting into dangerous territory. I can find a plot for you in Downtown somewhere, but I don’t feel like having a dispute over that land anymore.


This isn’t a land dispute, its about LEAVING the land to go somewhere else.

You could have asked for this easily 3 months ago, if you needed something to be moved you shouldve let us know sooner rather than dragging on it.

This IS a land dispute. You built on someones land, it’s your problem.

Actually what it sounds like is both Bryce and Cherry building on/claiming unclaimed lands. Cherry was not to know that Bryce had plans for the area, as no form of border appears to have been established for this WTC before Cherry’s road plans were placed.

If I see you online I’ll consider moving it for you. I assume it’s just the one building?

To Resolve this I am Starting another sector of Acra… The Location Will be posted in the Builds Thread…