A TF2 Story

We all know the spy. Most of us have seen Meet the Spy on youtube. What I’m about to tell you tells the untold story of how the spy got to become who he is today.

The Spy’s early childhood was very pleasant. He had a brother who’s name was Scout. His mom and dad where quite skilled in what they do. His dad was a spy while his mom was a fem scout. Spy’s father gave Spy an Invis Watch which he used to practice going invisible and backstabbing enemies.

They where quite happy with their lives until the Spy’s parents were recruited to fight for Mann Co. Spy and Scout were raised by two different families and grew to forget about each other.

On March 13, 1990 Spy’s and Scout’s parents died in a battle. Their children where left with a few gifts. Spy was given the Invis watch, a knife, and a disguise kit. The Scout was left with a scattergun, pistol, and a bat. WE all know their story by now. They both fought for mann co and the spy is dating the enemies scout’s mother.

Um, that would mean he is dating his own mother. I think I prefer the spy being an enigma. Better yet, this:

Source Filmmaker - Meet the Family

Wut? Spy is scouts father? :d

That video makes the map look much more funnier than it really is.