A speech for all, by Jahbrenpanvilla (Jah)

Since I never even talk on the fourms I would like to make a speech.

From those who are admin, to trusted to member, even the mod,op and sops, we are united.

To Donton to rancho. To Portland to bubapest. to maybe prymont to even bigcity, we are united.

We stand one server under mojang, with friends and jokes for all.

We will always support each other, no matter were surious or joking, we all are a team.

No matter how we seem to fight or go against, PCB still is are server.

I hope we all understand what PCB mean’t to be. We are not WoK nor ECS, we aren’t the best, not the worst.

I maybe not the most popular, not even notice. But we must understand we all can’t be notice at once.

a team that will never fall apart no matter what hits us.

a team that will get back up, and lit each other.

thank you to all, with plenty of joy to all,



wipes tear


G freaking G
10 out of 10
Would read again
Great job


Woo Woop! Congrats on [Trusted] Jah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on trusted, Jah!

Congratzzz, Jah!!

Dat was a beautiful speech cries.

ur da best brah

ive found a problem with this im not mentioned and madant is WHAT THE HELL MAN!!

madant is mentioned twice btw =P

Sorry about that guys, I took that out

When a speech ends in a rhyme, its convincing all the time. :wink: 8)

i love it :’( :’( :’(
congrtaz jahhh

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