a small request from a builder

It’s me, Thinkingfish, asking the server operators a small favor. First of all, I am very much enjoying my stay at PCB server. I think it may be one of the most outstanding community as a whole that I’ve came across. However, the server is very leaned toward old members having a lot of advantage over new comers. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, however, I wanted to move to another location to make a new house. Furthermore, expand “my” little own area in the map to acknowledge my spirit toward this server. The problem i came across was that, I couldn’t move my things from the old place. I had only 1 sethomes, if I wasn’t told that, I had almost lost my old home to start brand new. Thankfully the friendly community told me before I made the problem. I believe 2 sethomes for a builder would make my life so much simpler rather than asking a trusted+ to waste their time waiting for me to finish collecting the resources from my old house.

3 line summary:

  1. moving out
  2. 1 sethome is irritating
  3. requesting for 2 if possible.

Thanks for reading!


I agree with fish, I think members should have 2 homes as I know how hard it is to do things with only 1. :slight_smile:

Also this might wanna be moved to the suggestion’s box.

I like the idea of members having only 1 home. It gives them something to work for or a reason to donate. If you want more homes, be more active and get trusted. I survived with 1 home as member perfectly fine, just use /warps and take a wee walk if you really wanna get somewhere quick.

Through the magic of staff powers it is now in the suggestions box.

I think the majority of the issue here is caused by the lack of warps in survival. As more warps come into existence, this will not be so much of an issue.

you’ll need to move around or maybe ask some tp help from trusted/donators who can /tppos.

For the reasons above, this is denied.