A Questionable Ban

I am writing in search of clarification on a ban that happened last week. My sister, goobydooo, was banned by ka_52. The incident involved a joined shop space. The rules state that shops can be joined if owned by 2 people. Before the market was reset, goobydooo and I had a joined shop which was approved by NekTM. The shops were joined without a door. In the new market goobydooo was told by ka_52 that she needed a door between the shops. She reads and types slow, so before she put the door in Ouhai had put one in for her. The sign stating that Ouhai put the door up is still in front of the shop. Goobydooo then did not put a door in because it seemed like Ouhai had done it for her and everything was ok. But…when she attempted to get on one morning she was banned with the reason being she had done this 5 times and been warned. She has only joined 2 shops. One that was approved by NekTM and one with a door put in by Ouhai. We know of no other times

Now, she was reinstated but…goobydooo would like to be trusted some day and having a black mark on her record seems to push that off.

Can someone help?

why did this happen

You need to figure this out with Ka_52 and ouhai_Ruby. I hope they answer soon. I also saw that wide opening and thought of it being a bit too big opening but thats just my opinion. There was probably just some miscommunication.

I already posted in your previous thread about what happened. If she is vouched for trusted it should not affect her standing. I am not typing it out again so go find it if you want to read it again.


Bans for stuff like that tend to be pushed to the side when talking about trusted; however, it may take longer to actually gain the rank, which should be understandable.
I’m not going into this any more right now. I’m on holiday.

ok…thanks for responding. We’ll just keep playing and hope someone trusts us someday. If not there’s always our dogs. They trust us. Peace Out…go forth and dig