A Proposition - Big City Reborn

With the coming of the new maps, I thought it might be cool to add a WHOLE other map.

I don’t have an idea yet, but it would be very similar to the World of Keralis Creative server. Make giant, realistic cities, etc.

To get an idea of how cool it could be, go look at Keralis’s Inspiration Series on YouTube.

Just think about it!

Make your own town and have friends build in it. Make a Big City Reborn or Revived. Planes soaring through the sky, boats clipping through water, giant skyscrapers towering over the map, modern suburban areas, malls, restaurants, libraries, theaters, etc.

Of course, you might have to be a certain rank to build, possibly just add a builder rank above member, below trusted that you must be given to to help. Anone Trysted+ could also help. I believe that all active Trustees are very good builders, members, not sure. It may be an issue, but would be super cool.

Well, doesn’t one of the incarnations of Big City presently have its own map? Perhaps that map could be utilised for such an idea.

Just go to[size=2em] [redacted] and check out the Creative server. Then you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

EDIT BY SHADOW: Please, fer, if you wanna give an example, PM the ip, or add screenshots. do not advertise another server’s IP on our server =)

EDIT BY FER: Sorry. Just go to Q_Q for the server IP.

EDIT BY SIP: A website is basically an IP. PM

Yeah, we got a bigcity with it’s own map, and it’s small but very nice. And I think that one of his city’s would be a great example of what we could do.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that knows of Keralis. I actually go there a lot to get some inspiration for some builds. About a month ago I suggested this to whoever was online with me in game, but I guess it relates to what you’re suggesting too. I had made a suggestion that instead of a big hype over a “Big City” that we do something along the lines like “Big Suburb” (Or whatever sounds nicer than that). Instead of just big city-like buildings it would just have really nice and big kickass mansions/homes! :smiley:

Ever since Classic we always dreamed of doing a huge map spanning from a city to suburbs to rural farms. The Big City map at the moment may be just a city at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit all that into there as well :wink:

indeed we just need to get to work on it :stuck_out_tongue: Like i told andy, i would eventually like to be able to make a beach boardwalk in Big City

Plus the map can always get bigger! We can always add more.

But have users make other cities as well! It doesn’t have to be just sky scrapers. I will post a YouTube video of an idea of what I want.


Now in english i would love to be a,part of this but i am far to busy killing ruby with my sniper rifle in the game Team Fortress 2 by Valve. Until 1.6 is released, and i can play with ponies, i am not going to be active. Also, i am not a “brony” i have never seen MLP and dont care to watch it.

this is the most random post I think I’ve ever seen on this forum

I’ve always wanted a city to build large, modern and futuristic skyscrapers in. I have all sorts of ideas for large, round spiraling buildings and glass shards. Sure I’ve built a few in my own worlds, but almost every Minecraft city I’ve seen has an abundance of classic and art deco architecture, but not much of this kind of stuff.


If you look on the dynmap of world of keralis’s server, it’s is FILLED with city, the ENTIRE map filled with roads and cities and an amazing metropolis of amazingness. It is amazing.

I can tell you this now, too much glass can look really odd (depending on texture packs, of course). There’s a fine way to do full glass buildings.

But, they have a LOT more players than us (they probably have as many regulars as we have had just visit us in the past year or 2). Also it is built around the success of a youtuber. People will go there just on the off chance that they might meet him, and then build stuff in his style while they wait. While they have a lot more buildings, quite a number of them probably have less quality than the ones we have.

they may also have a larger team who take out those lazy build and deal with the Whining from the builders
whose horrendous block houses had to be taken off the maps

I’ve seen some of their builds. While they do have some nice builds here and there, the majority of them do not match ours in scale and detail. Seems like a more quantity over quality approach.

We’re much more nicer than Keralis, hate to dissapoint the ones who think it’s the greatest server for cities ever. I admire a lot of builds on that server, but like Andy said, they are more about quantity on that server. Plus to even consider you to be their first rank past guest you have to submit a SS of you in front of a build you made (like an audition to see how good you are). I think this isn’t a great way to promote creativeness. With our server we have more compassion for skilled builders and accept all… I didn’t even get past the build submission to become the rank past guess and I don’t (and neither do you) need people who think they know what a good build is. My point is, don’t let our player activity bother you, we have a lot to look forward to with new maps on the way and loyal members/staff who care to the server’s wellbeing and image to newbs. :slight_smile:

I agree with cherry. PCB really has a wonderful loving community :smiley:

So we’re better. Now that that’s settled don’t mind me as I move this to denied.