A Project City Build App?

Having sipjca be an app designer and _Andy have created this awesome website, why not create a Project City Build app? I don’t know what all should be on it, but it would be fun (and sipjca, I know you like Android better but could you PLEASE make this app for both iPhone and Android?)


A couple reasons for me. First off I don’t have very much time to develop applications. Second I don’t know what would be put on it, if it’s just info I’m sure I could whip up a quick app. I cannot develop for iOS for two reasons, I don’t have a Mac, and second you have to pay to access the developer tools last time I checked. I’m not dropping $100 on something I don’t have a true use for.

If you want just forums, I think we could implement Tapatalk.

Pretty much what sip said. An app would have such little use that it wouldn’t be worth the time investment to build it. Everything you need is on the website and it shouldn’t be too hard to access from a mobile.

it really isn’t.i work in a store where we are primarily phone sellars, i have one of the worse phones on the market atm as far as contract phones go (HTC EVO 3D) and i can access the forum, and the in-game maps without a hitch. no reason at all for an application. don’t get me wrong, it would be neat. but also, as said, very unnecessary.