A personal skin for me!

Hey! its me! lawl.

i was wondering, if anyone who cares and is good at art/pixel art can actually make me a skin for minecraft

if so i would pay ingame money

and if its a classic folk, umm im not sure maybe a few cookies as long as you dont ask for more :stuck_out_tongue:

for the logo i would like to have SM in there somewhere and something that would look like a sword. as for the rest of the skin, try to make it look like a master of swords!

k thx!

-from sword

Cookies: 1k
SMP/CMP $520

Uhm, I could do a ninja style one? Or try at least.
Hair colour and eye colour?

EDIT: Hows this? I can change the blue to something else, and change the hair and eyes if you want.
Its only basic, I’m not great at skins, but thought I’d have a go anyway.

EDIT: Ok, so, turns out I can’t upload anything because the uploader limit is still tiny. Bleh. I’ll add it in a few minutes.


Looks good Liam! I’ll upload it up tonight sometime. Anyone know how to pay someone? I tried that and it didn’t work

/money pay (use the full name or it wont work.

in this case it would be Liam599

Errm liam. can you send a link? i cant seem to download it xD

Will do tomorrow, remind me again if I forget.

hey can someone give me a personal skin :stuck_out_tongue: