A new way to make a suggestion.

As you may know it is incredibly difficult to click on a web browser, type a url, then type a suggestion. Therefore, I would like to propose something revolutionary, of the likes we have never seen before. A suggestions box… in-game! We could have a hopper that takes books in-game, that admins can later read. That way we don’t have to log on to forums!

This isn’t a terrible idea, however, it would probably get spammed a good bit, and it isn’t that difficult to Alt+Tab and get on the forums.
It’s really best for the people on charge to consider this, and this is just my opinion.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I think the current system, using the forums is a better one. It encourages contribution on the forums. So for example, you might come on to post a suggestion, then something else catches your eye, and you contribute to that as well. Dropping a book in a dropper in-game is as stated above, likely to get spammed and is likely to steer users away from the forums, which I think would be a negative overall.

We actually want to encourage people to use the forums as much as possible. Its a gateway for getting people to be more involved with the community.

Indeed not bad idea but 1. It has to be in creative , 2.it gets spammed with “trash” 3, you got more control on the forums and 4. more people can read it and commenting it.

Suggestion box in-game perhaps might be better for individual city development rather than server-related things.