A new mini-game approaches: Hide & Seek

Today we’re happy to officially launch our first mini-game of Q3 2021 (Yes there are more coming, stay tuned) Hide & Seek!

Hide & Seek will test your wits and challenge friendships. Find out which of your friends is the best block Ninja on Project City Build!

How to play

Visit /warp arcade and look for the Hide & Seek lobby, click the sign for the map you would like to play. When you’re in the lobby, you’ll be given the option to select your block (from those available). Once enough players have joined and block selection has finished, a countdown will begin and then the game will start!

Once the game has started you have a grace period to find your hiding spot before the seeker is released! Hurry and think smart, make sure you look like you’re meant to be there! Own the spot! Once the round has started you’ll be given a wooden sword to ward off any seekers that get nearby - but be careful, if they spot you… you’re dead.

If you’re a seeker from the beginning the game, or because you’ve died it’s your job to find hidden players disguised as blocks and other objects.

Hide & Seek Maps

We’re launching with 2 maps today, with 3 more to follow before the end of the month.

Trouble in Tulpfloerdam

Created by Totqlity

This map will be familiar to those of you have visited /warp Tulpfloerdam – it’s a scale replica! The bounds have been reduced, otherwise it might be a bit too challenging. Search indoors and outdoors, cross the canals and forage in the gardens, you’ll find so many unique and interesting places to hide!

This map is suitable for 4-10 players. 1 player will begin as a seeker.

The Workshop

Created by Kaiyn

Santa and the elves are out of town for the weekend, lets see what sort of trouble we can get up to! Gantries and scaffolding encapsulate this festive map. Blend in with the tools in the workshop or hide in amongst the presents in the sleigh, you’ll have a blast!

This map is suitable for 6 - 16 players. 2 players will begin as seekers.

Coming later this month

Shopping at IKCA - Releasing the second week of August!

Created by FurtenFur

In this sky-high bulk-furniture store, you can disguise as your favourite peice of home decor, such as Notatblokk (Note block), Tønne (Barrel), Fyrtårn (Beacon), Jernblokk (Iron block) or Bokhylle (Book shelf). Don’t get lost, or you might never find your way out!

Use you imagination to blend in or hide amongst the hundreds of items in the IKCA warehouse.

This map is suitable for 3 to 8 players. 1 player will begin as a seeker.

Civic Centre - The first week of August!

Created by Wairoa

Deathmatch - Coming soon!

Created by Mannriah


We hope you enjoy Hide & Seek and are excited for the others we’ll be adding soon.

If you have any difficulties or spot any bugs, please let us know by making a post in Bug Reports or send a message in #support on Discord.