A New Adventure: Creative Reset 2020

A New Creative :cherry_blossom:

Hi Everyone!
As you may or may not have deduced, we will be resetting the Creative map imminently. The current creative map has been around since 2017 on version 1.12! This reset will be a great opportunity for a fresh start as we know a lot of our community members have been requesting this for a while.

What’s new in Creative 1.15? :thinking:

There’s several changes on the way in Creative 1.15. We’ve heard your feedback and we understand that a whilst the custom terrain of Creative 1.12 was appreciated by some, a few of the biomes caused headaches for players which resulted in a lot of unusable space. This time round, we’re going back to our roots, with vanilla generation, but to create more useful space, we’ve switched to large biomes. We hope this results in a better experience for the bulk of the community.

Creative warp changes :tornado:

We know that most players work hard to get their warps, but we want to make sure those projects with warps are built to a very high standard. This time round, we’ll be making some changes to the Creative warp rules and guidelines to ensure that a high standard is maintained for all our creative warps. We’ll have more details about this coming out over the next week - stay tuned!

When will all these changes take place? :timer_clock:

You’ll be glad to know that we won’t be ditching the current creative immediately! In fact, you’ll be able to continue working on your current projects for 2 more weeks. This should give you enough time to wrap up any unfinished business and prepare your plans for your any new projects. After this 2 week period, the Creative 1.12 map will still be around for a further 2 weeks in spectator mode. This is so we can identify anything that could be utilised in Big City and migrate it over.

The new Creative 1.15 map is now live!

Can I download the Creative 1.12 world? :arrow_down:

Yes! You will be able to download it in the near future. We’ll be posting a world download in about a months time along with a list of warps and their coordinates for your convenience.

Bonus time! :tada:

If you haven’t already seen our Teaser/Announcement video, go an check it out on YT!

Credit for video: @Vexnorz


This is gonna be fun!

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Very excited! I can’t wait to see what new projects I come up with

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I would try for teamed city this time :stuck_out_tongue:



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You can join us. :>

Hallelujah the day has come


So what dictates a building being utlized into Big City?

Here we go!

For BigCity transfers we are specifically looking for builds which:

  1. Fit the theme of BigCity (a present day city)
  2. Are the correct scale (5 block room heights)
  3. Meet the quality standards of the existing city
  4. Are not copied from a tutorial, schematic etc.

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Anyone looking to send off the old map in style please come by my party today :slight_smile: 8:00pm GMT (4:00pm EST) /warp StCatchpole

Oh well, my cities are not compatible with it then (all medieval/trad japanese builds) ^^

Why not but modern is not really my strength ^^

Absolutely can’t wait for this! I already have plans for a Corsican town!

What are you guys planning on building? I’m interested in a group project as well, but I tend to integrate my buildings into the terrain.

Kinda sad, but it’s a good idea. :slight_smile:

Cant wait, time to actually make a city that wont fail for once lol
(P.S.) Anyone interested in joining me then?)