A major animation project this month!

So my class has an assignment to make a three minute animation this month and so far i have a few character pics and a storyline. I’ve been working on this audio for the story and might still work on it a bit, depending on how much i like this one (lazy i am). Tell me what you think. Later i’ll maybe upload one with a short clip or the storyboard or something.

Here it is:
Infectious Code Audio
Just listen and let your imagination go a bit :3

Script will be up in a bit with more detail about what’s going on

Hey dude if your not busy after you do this, do you mind making a little intro for my youtube chanel rightwaytoplay?

Neat. How did you do that girl voice? Real person or modified your own voice?

I got my girlfriend to do it and then modified her voice a little so people wouldn’t recognize it. She didn’t want to let people hear her acting :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s most likely i wont be able to do anything after this until next school year because i wont have any programs or a good computer for a while to do it on. Sorry Bolje.

I can do without an intro, it’s not very important.