A-Levels & Inactivity

Hello peeps,

As you may know I haven’t exactly been on for the past week. This is due to starting Sixth Form. And this post is just to clarify that I will be inactive more than usual due to doing History, Geography, T&T, Maths & Art. On top of extra curriculum which is Law school, debate club (parties & stuff in the school) and this government run programme.
I will try and be on every week but I can’t guarantee it.

If any staff or friends have any inquiries at all, please message me on the following sites:

  • Skype (tristanrobinson37)
  • Insta: Robinsontristan13.

Please remember that other people will be starting sixth form too, which is a huge step up from GCSE and I doubt I will be the only one within the next 2 years being slightly inactive than usual.

I hope you guys understand,

Many thanks,


Completely understand Zwinky. I too have a lot of school work to do which makes it harder for me to get on as well. I think a lot of us are in that same school workposition. Best of luck with everything you have too do!! =D

Exactly :slight_smile: Good Luck!

Good luck in Sixth Form, Zwinky. :slight_smile: