A great way to *almost* end the week!

I kinda don’t know where to start… I’ll just jump right into things :slight_smile:

As some of you may know, my 1 year anniversary with this server is in just 4 days, and what better way to celebrate it than with a birthday present! I like birthday presents that you can actually use in life, like what Ruby got for Christmas

Got a coffee maker for uni :)

and to me, Operator is kinda like that coffee maker, except not for Christmas, nor for uni, and that Operator isn’t really a tangible thing. But hey, you get my point. It’s useful because it means I get to hop along with all of you guys for another year, and it also means I get to give back more to the community. One of the main reasons that I applied for Moderator is because I wanted to give back to the community rather than taking. This promotion is significant for me because I feel that my thank-yous have been registered and that I can feel like I’ve accomplished something with you guys over these past 351 days.

Thanks, guys. Cheers to a new year (for me, at least ;))


PS: I also thought that this might be the appropriate time to announce my oncoming absence in late May to mid-June. I’ll be studying for finals and then onto France!

Congrats :slight_smile: I bet you already had a look in your review ;p

I did, thanks for the comments, guys. Practice makes perfect!

Congrazzlez Amp. From what I hear you earned it pal!

Congargulemonations on OP Amph! Continue to serve the server well! =)

Congrats Chex :wink:

@Javi :wink:

@Sacreddeathflame Thanks :smiley:

@Namillo You must be hearing the right stuff ;D ;D

Congrats to you

I am so happy for you. Ever since you joined we all knew you were a keeper. I hope you enjoy the permanent-ness of op. I know I do. You truely deserve this Jiggles. I’m proud of you! <3

congratulations amphi I’m glad you got the promotion you deserve it ;D ;D ;D

<3 Glad you are part of the team :slight_smile:

Well deserved amph! Certainly the best time to be promoted too :smiley:

@busterlef @koalamama @CouragetheTiger @Penguina @AGx Thanks so much, guys!

You’re slowly slipping away…
I’ll catch up some day!
In the meantime, here are some lolcats for your viewing pleasure.

You so totally deserve it :3

@YoshiBoy13 dw, I’ll share the window ledge with you. fist bump

Hehe, the first time I read this post, I only skimmed it and thought it was just a “first anniversary” post and I didn’t realize it was a staff promotion thread also. :stuck_out_tongue: Congrats!~